Quebec giving second chance to rejected applicants to apply through Arrima

There is good news for the 16,000 applicants whose applications for the Quebec Skilled Worker program had been canceled on June 16th of this year. Now, they have been given time to submit applications till December 16th, 2019. The initial round of invitations has been conducted for such candidates. The selected candidates got emails about their selections on July 4th. Now, they have 60 days with themselves to apply for Quebec Selection Certificate. The canceled candidates have to provide a new profile through the Arrima portal by generating an Expression of Interest.

The criteria for selecting candidates right now through the Arrima portal is that their applications must have been canceled on June 16th, 2019 and they must be living in this province at the time of application. All those candidates who have been rejected can put a profile into the Arrima portal and get selected because the draws will happen till January 16th, 2020.

Quebec is giving a second chance to all the rejected applicants. So, you can be in correspondence with Nile Migration which can help you in using this second chance.

Reasons to live in Quebec

Quebec does not have any crime rates and is known as one of the best places to reside in Canada. Quebec helps immigrants with a lot of services when they come here. This is the best part of living in Quebec. They include training in French if the use of the language is compulsory for the immigrant. The province also provides placement in jobs to the candidates, which matches with his experience and skills. When in Quebec you can expect the best of treatment. So, your meeting is fixed with an employability specialist who helps you in knowing the prospects of you getting employed. You can live at cheap rates in Quebec and the prices of housing are low in this province as compared to other provinces. It’s best to live in Montreal as compared to other cities. The cost of a house is affordable both in the cities of Montreal and the Quebec city. In Quebec City, a house costs $272,000, whereas in Montreal the cost is $334,000. You can easily live in this province after learning French which is easy to pick up. The population of Quebec is also not so much and is at 8.2 million. The water supply is also good in Quebec because it’s home to 1000 lakes. Quebec has a lot of natural resources(1000 lakes) due to which it’s exporting hydroelectricity to other provinces too and even the US.

Quebec is a highly industrialized province with various kinds of industries which are, aeronautics, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, finance, energy, and transportation. 

Quebec government also makes you access housing services in this province. The education till the secondary level is provided at a low cost in this province. Quebec provides education in both English and French languages. Students are required to get French level education in this province. Contact us and get help in immigrating to Quebec.

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